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Nathan Janak (born April 7, 2005), originally from Houston, Texas, began acting at six years old. In 2016, he participated in a nine-month intensive actor training program and later moved to Los Angeles. Janak has previously been seen as a guest star in Nickelodeon’s Henry Danger. His Instagram is @nathan.janak. he’s actor and comedian whose career reached new heights when he joined the reboot of the sketch show All That in 2019.

Portrayed All That Characters[]

  • Himself (Cancelled With Nathan)
  • Ariana Grande (Masked Video Dancer Celebrity Edition)
  • Millennial Baby (Babies Who Brunch)
  • Torg (Shark Cave)
  • Bobby (Boo'd Up)
  • Brad (School Dance)
  • Customer (Trampolini's and The Everything Store)
  • Delivery Guy (2 Girls on an Island)
  • Plaid Guy (Bad Guy Parody)