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1128 is the thirtieth episode to air of the first season of the All That Reboot. It Premiered July 25, 2020.


Tammy TMI runs for student body president; birthday expert Denzel teaches people how to throw a proper surprise party; "Stay Off Your Phone" returns with some special Strange guests; Reece explains why her joke is funny; HRVY performs.


Main Cast[]


  • "Stay Off Your Phone" returns with new contestants (Nathan and Rico), one of whom is a elderly woman (Aria)
  • Green Room: Reece explains to Aria and Kate how her joke is funny.
  • Denzel (Lex) has a better idea for a surprise party.
  • Tammy (Kate) appears in a debate for school president, annoying her opponent (Lex) and her principal (Reece).
  • Bed Bath and Beyoncé
  • Nathan and Gabrielle introduces HRVY, who performs "Me Because of You"