1106 is the sixth episode of the first season of All That. It first aired on August 3, 2019 to 0.66 million viewers.


  • Green Room: Kenan Thompson comes to visit the cast but no one knows or recognizes him, not even Kevin, Josh, or Kel. They do however recognize The Big Ear of Corn, and Buttercup, the most famous horse in sketch comedy.
  • Marie Kiddo: Marie (Kate Godfrey) helps Principal Grimley (Lex Lumpkin) clear his office.
  • Scott (Lex Lumpkin) explains how to make a sick day “sick”.
  • Cancelled with Nathan: Text messages
  • T@$#le!gh and Trad: A school dance leads to major drama, as T@$#le!gh (Ryan Alessi) and Trad (Gabrielle Nevaeh Green) start dating, break up and start seeing other people.
  • Bed, Bath and Beyoncé
  • Jojo Siwa performs “BOP!”.


Main CastEdit

  • Ryan Alessi
  • Reece Caddell
  • Kate Godfrey
  • Gabrielle Nevaeh Green
  • Nathan Janak
  • Lex Lumpkin
  • Chinguun Sergelen

Recurring Edit

  • Kel Mitchell
  • Josh Server
  • Kevin Kopelow

Special Guest Edit

  • Kenan Thompson

Guest Edit

  • Jennia Fredrique as Scott’s Mom

Musical Guest Edit

  • Jojo Siwa





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