1104 is the fourth episode of the first season of All That. It first aired on July 13, 2019 to 0.72 million viewers.


  • Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee: Customers have trouble dealing with a hyper barista (Gabrielle Nevaeh Green) at a coffee shop.
  • Good Burger: Ed (Kel Mitchell) helps a new trainee, Benji (Ryan Alessi), learn how to deal with a customer losing their phone.
  • Mattress Hat: Parody ad for a hat that can be used to sleep during school.
  • Shark Cave: Caveman entrepreneurs attempt to get wealthy cavemen to invest in their inventions.
  • Bed, Bath and Beyoncé
  • The Pranklers: Two prankers Chet (Ryan Alessi) and Zeke (Lex Lumpkin) do dumb pranks in the cafeteria that only they think are funny. 
  • Cancelled with Nathan: Shoes with wheels on the bottom
  • Ally Brooke performs “Lips Don't Lie”.


Main CastEdit

  • Ryan Alessi
  • Reece Caddell
  • Kate Godfrey
  • Gabrielle Nevaeh Green
  • Nathan Janak
  • Lex Lumpkin
  • Chinguun Sergelen

Recurring Edit

  • Kel Mitchell
  • Josh Server

Musical Guest Edit

  • Ally Brooke





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